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About Spine & Neuro

The Spine & Neuro Center at Huntsville Hospital offers the region’s largest, most experienced team of neurosurgeons – the only medical specialists trained to treat the brain and the entire spine. We are a multidisciplinary practice that also includes the medical specialty of physiatry – physical and rehabilitation medicine. The care we provide is complemented by physician assistants, certified registered nurse practitioners and physical therapists. We are the only center to offer this comprehensive care for your back, brain and extremities.

Providing medical management and surgical treatments to our patients is an honor. Our expertise ranges from back surgery to brain surgery. Working closely with our physiatrists and physical therapy staff we strive to achieve the best outcome for our patients – conservatively and comprehensively.

Whether the treatment plan is surgical or nonsurgical, you can be confident we are working for the optimal outcome. Our entire staff come together to ensure that we are providing the best care, courteous attention, and the most up-to-date techniques personalized for your particular problem.

We will always be on-call for you when you need us – 24/7.
Joel Pickett, MD